Dear Students,

The basic tasks to migrate of AUBG e-mail system to Microsoft Exchange 2007 were completed. We are glad to inform you that server migration completed successfully and core services of AUBG e-mail system are functioning normaly

As a result of this upgrade we have now better, improved, more secured and feature enhanced web access to AUBG e-mail system. The maximum size of each e-mail box now is set up to 200 Mb.

More detailed information regarding changes in the system and HOWTO you can find here: http://www.aubg.bg/template5.aspx?page=4390&menu=006001006

Unfortunately there are some problems with Microsoft Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access (OWA). Antivirus system blocks some messages and the customer should click twice to open them. The attempt to replay the particular message also can be blocked. As a result message is in Drafts folder where it can be completed.

The troubleshot works together with software vendors are in progress and we expect problems to be solved soon.

We would like to thank AUBG students for the patience and understanding during this sophisticated maintenance and upgrade.

For problems regarding new Outlook Web Access please e-mail help@aubg.bg or via phone +359 73 888333

OCC Team