Orientation  / What to Bring

 "What to Bring-Residence Halls"
to Help in Your Transition from Home to Community Living
(All items may be purchased in Blagoevgrad-do not bring a year's supply!)

¤  Personal belongings (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
¤  Towels/Linens ( a Blanket and a Pillow are provided)
¤  Robe, Pajamas, Slippers (bedrooms are not co-ed, but residence halls are)
¤  Clothing for school, fun, athletics, and dressing up!
¤  Sport clothing/swimming suit for stress relief
¤  Camera (for those unforgettable moments)
¤  Calculator (for that math class...and figuring out your personal budget)
¤  Posters/Pictures/Room Decorations (no nails or tape on walls, but you can be creative!)
¤  A flashlight.
¤  Something to remind you of home (photos, a favorite item...)
¤  Dictionaries, Thesaurus and a fun book to relax with.
¤  Cup/Glass, bowl, knife, fork, spoon (for late night treats).
¤  Alarm Clock (that works!)
¤  Coat hangers
¤  Rain gear/Umbrella
¤  A Willingness to learn and to make a difference
¤  A sense of humor and sense of adventure for the new life ahead.

Things NOT to bring...and the reasons why...

Pets are not allowed in the Residence Halls.  They violate standards of health and sanitation and many people are allergic to them.
Electrical Appliances-Heaters, cooking appliances such as hot plates, heaters, are dangerous and a violation of the law.  The rooms are not designed for cooking or extensive electricity use.
Flammable Items of any type including incense and candles...Please help us create a fire safe environment.
Expensive Items such as CD players, and jewelry, etc.  We do our best to secure our buildings, but sometimes thefts happen.  No insurance policy is provided and any items such as your computer are brought at your own risk.