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Minor Programs

American Studies
The American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program giving students an opportunity to complete an in-depth study of American Society and culture in the light of its historical development.

The Anthropology minor allows students to develop their global perspective of the world and people as humans in a religious, ethnic and cultural context.

Computer Science
The Computer Science minor provides basic knowledge of software development, technology opportunities, and innovative ideas, and is a good supplementary preparation for various professional positions.

The Economics minor is designed to provide students with considerable knowledge in micro and macroeconomics, ensuring a reasonable preparation for a career in business or for graduate study in different fields.

European Politics
The European Politics minor could be a complement to several majors by making students aware of the structure and the current political issues and policies of the European Union.

Fine Arts
The Fine Arts minor is designed for these students who are interested in creative human expression, creative achievements, including participation in public performance and exhibitions.

The History minor provides students with a broad background of the history study, as well as analytical skills. These skills and knowledge are a helpful supplement to the students’ in-depth knowledge of other academic fields.

Information Systems
The Information Systems minor comprises basic knowledge from Computer Science, Business Administration and Economics and is designed for broader understanding and better solution of existing problems.

Journalism and Mass Communication
The Journalism and Mass Communication minor is an introduction to the basics of the mass communication and is applicable to different professions as it develops students’ critical thinking and communication skills.

The purpose of the literature minor is to offer students interested in literature the opportunity to study in-depth canonical texts and contemporary works or even delve into producing their own literary texts.

The Mathematics minor provides solid background by developing significant mathematical skills. The program is a good complement to a major such as Computer Science.

Philosophy and Religion
The Philosophy and Religion minor is an interdisciplinary program appropriate for students who wish to study the philosophical and religious components of human experience, considered as fundamental elements of civilizations. It provides a good foundation for understanding the historical background and social significance of current philosophical, ethical and religious issues.

Political Science and International Relations
The Political Science and International Relations minor provides an excellent background for good decision-making and problem-solving in other professions.

Southeast European Studies
The Southeast European Studies minor promotes an understanding of regional parallels and individual differences among the peoples of Southeast Europe. Addressing the causes of conflict and resources for conflict resolution, the SES minor focuses on the dynamic, prevailing images among the peoples of Southeastern Europe of self and other.