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Major Programs

American Studies
The major in American Studies is an interdisciplinary program appropriate for students who wish to study the history, politics and cultural traditions of the United States and the Americas. This academic program gives students an opportunity to complete an in-depth study of American Society and culture in the light of its historical development.

Business Administration
The Business Administration major provides students with in-depth understanding of the complex business environment and helps them develop the needed strategic and flexible thinking in making business decisions.

Computer Science
The Computer Science major prepares students to be well-qualified computer professionals, having a broad training in software development, creative thinking, awareness of technology opportunities, and innovative ideas in meeting the needs of industry and commerce.

The Economics major provides rigorous theoretical and practical training in order to prepare students both for advanced education and for immediate entry into business and government careers.

European Politics
The European Politics major provides insight into the processes that led to the idea about the European Union, the forces that shape the policy of the European states, their interaction in each level of policy-making within the Union, and current issues relevant to European politics and society.

History and Civilizations
The History and Civilizations major provides students with a framework for analysis of trends, institutions, and motivations that shape the world, and analytical tools useful for all aspects of decision-making and research, such as academia, government, law, journalism, business and other careers.

Information Systems
The major of Information Systems is designed to train professionals competent to solve problems from a huge and growing area of computer based information systems and services.

Journalism and Mass Communication
The Journalism and Mass Communication major prepares students to be professional journalists by developing in them skills in reporting, researching, interviewing, writing, photographing, advertising, and designing, as well as providing the opportunity for real world experience in different medias through an internship.

The Mathematics major is especially designed for those who would like to explore the world of the fundamental branches of classical and modern analysis and the different applications of theories and theorems.

Political Science and International Relations
The Political Science and International Relations major provides students with broad knowledge of the political issues in the past and the present, and the structures, processes, and factors influencing the formulation and implementation of domestic and foreign policy, thus, developing their understanding of current events.