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Department Chair: Jeffrey Nilsen

The programs in Economics provide both the theoretical foundation and practical empirical tools necessary to function as an economist in today's complex economic world. These theories and tools are analyzed both within the institutional structure of developed market economies and specific applications to developing and non-market economies.

The Department of Economics supports the General Education program by offering courses satisfying the General Education requirements in Social and Cultural Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, and Historical Analysis. Economics courses are also included as collateral requirements in the Business major, Political Science major, and European Studies major.

The major in Economics trains students not only for advanced education in graduate and professional schools, but also prepares students for immediate entry into business and government careers where economic insight and analytical ability are valued. While there are no formally specified fields of specialization in this major, students can identify three broad topics: macroeconomics, microeconomics and empirical (data) analysis.

The minor in Economics provides students from other majors with the analytical tools and background necessary to bring economic reasoning to bear upon social or business problems examined within those other majors.