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A semester or year at the American University in Bulgaria offers an exceptional academic and cultural experience. Becoming a part of a student body whose members come primarily from Southeastern Europe – a region with a varied history as a part of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires and now a part of the European Union– helps you to fully understand the meaning of multiculturalism. At AUBG, students value what brings them together instead of what divides them.

Study abroad at AUBG is especially appropriate for students in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, European Studies, History, Information Systems, Journalism and Mass Communication, Mathematics, Political Science and International Relations. AUBG is fully accredited in the US and in Bulgaria, simplifying credit transfer home. AUBG is a participant in ISEP and exchange with the University of Maine system and the State University of New York-Fredonia.

Bulgaria is also an area of emphasis for NSEP Boren Scholarships. You may find out more about these from your home study abroad office.

As a visiting student, you will quickly make friends. AUBG is residential and small. You will get to know your faculty on a one-to-one basis, participate in new activities, and have the opportunity to experience firsthand a nation in transition to the European Union.

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